For the Modern Day Gladiator

For the Modern Day Gladiator
My Armadura

Build an Armadura collection to suit your everyday mood and look. Style has evolved from being an aspirational goal, to a lifestyle essential. And in our collection, functionality, glamour and comfort come together to serve a common goal - to have you looking and feeling fabulous.

Our Armadura

In 2022 we’re navigating an ever-changing world in which we’re finding indulgence in minimalism. Luxurious simplicity is the essence of Armadura. Butter-soft, grain leather finishes, and premium hardware are masterfully assembled into sleek designs. Armadura allows you to simplify your life, yet still incorporate smart, functional, stylish details into your day-to-day battles. Wearable amour readying you for any landscape.
I’m sure we’ve all tussled with the struggle of having a closetful of clothes but nothing to wear.  I love spending a few minutes every Sunday putting together my outfits for the week ahead. The key to curating your closet is having a few statement pieces that reflect your personal style, and building a wardrobe around them. I’ve matched our Armadura combos with pieces that I think are essential to have in your wardrobe.
Are you fierce? Are you ready for battle? If you’re reading this on the couch using your tummy to prop up a box of doughnuts you might not think so. But we believe that inside every woman is a sense of fierce femininity just waiting to be unleashed. All you need is the right support. A bevy of beautiful women at your side to give you the support you need and to be the best version of yourself. Enter the Armadura Goddesses.