An endless selection of looks

An endless selection of looks

An endless selection of looks, that’s what we’ve set out to give you with the Armadura Collection.

I’m sure we’ve all tussled with the struggle of having a closetful of clothes but nothing to wear.  I love spending a few minutes every Sunday putting together my outfits for the week ahead. The key to curating your closet is having a few statement pieces that reflect your personal style, and building a wardrobe around them. I’ve matched our Armadura combos with pieces that I think are essential to have in your wardrobe.

A Classic Trench Coat and the Hera Crossbody Combo

If you were wearing a light trench coat paired with a white skirt and silk neck scarf you can easily be picked up from your seat behind the screen you’re currently reading this on and be plopped down in a cafe on the banks of the Seine and fit right in. Can anyone say, “Je prendrai un café, s’il vous plaît?” With this outfit, I’d pair the Black Hera Crossbody Combo. The Hera embodies the strength of a woman in her layered chain and wide leather strap with stitch detail. The combination of the butter-soft leather against the body, and gleaming chain links make this the perfect piece to elevate a classic look. Keep the look casual with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Or, for a more formal look put on a pair of perfectly-tailored black trousers. 


A Chunky Knit and Flowy Skirt, and the Creme Minerva Crossbody Combo

An understated look that offers an update on you go-to casual look is a flowy skirt and chunky knit. A versatile outfit that can take you effortlessly from brunch with the ladies, to the afternoon school pickup. The contrasting textures are what make this look a winner. Try a balloon sleeve jersey and a floral georgette skirt, or perhaps a cable knit polo neck with a fluid satin skirt. I’d add a little more texture to this look with the Minerva Crossbody Combo. The Minerva offers up chic craftsmanship, with pyramid studs punctuating her pebble-grain leather strap. Battle ready with equal measures of edgy glamour and fierce strength, she encapsulates the bold nature of the Modern Day Gladiator.


A Special, Sparkly Something and the Teal Venus Crossbody Combo

Everyone should have a top in their wardrobe that’s sheer, sparkly or embroidered, or all of the above. I love having a blouse that makes people stop and say, wow, and better yet, that gives me that magical feeling when I look at myself in the mirror wearing it. I happen to have one that ticks all the boxes. It’s a black chiffon blouse, with jewel-toned embroidery and sequin details.  My go-to outfit on a night out is to wear it paired with black leather pants and heels, and I’d wear it with the Venus Crossbody Combo in Teal. You’ll have stars in your eyes when you see the Venus Strap. The ultimate accessory for a night on the town, her sparkle will accompany you wherever you go. As strong as she is beautiful, she’s the perfect choice to add a touch of glamour to your look.


A Statement Coat and the Fuchsia Aphrodite Crossbody Combo

Sometimes more is more. When I close my eyes and think of the idea of stylish excess I see one of the bohemian rooms on my Pinterest board. High, steel-pressed ceilings, brightly-painted walls tapestries on the wall. And that aesthetic is brought to life in clothing form in a statement patterned coat. Whether it’s a dark navy with gold brocade pattern, or a riot of colour in a Kantha jacket. To go with my brocade coat I’d choose the Fuschia Aphrodite Crossbody Chain Strap. The Aphrodite lives up to her calling to beauty, and knows that you can be both luxe and functional. Strap her to your Armadura phone cover and see the loving charm in the gleam of her chain.

Puffer Jacket and Sweats and the Taupe Hestia Combo

Once, a man told me that a woman who wears sweatpants in public has given up on life. And thank goodness I Marie Kondo’d him from my life. And while there certainly may have been a time when a tracksuit was only worn to the gym, luckily for us the athleisure trend was born. Your sweats are no longer just made for midnight snack runs to the petrol station. Pop on an on-trend puffer jacket to elevate the outfit. The key to holding this look together is the accessories, to give you a polished finish. That’s where our Taupe Hestia Crossbody Combo comes into play. Sustaining the haul of the Modern Day Gladiator is what our Hestia does effortlessly. Lighten your load in style with this core piece of our collection.

A Black Leather Jacket and the Python Bia Combo

I’ve saved my favourite look for last. I tried on several variations of black leather jacket before I eventually found the perfect one in a market in Istanbul. I hope your selection process won’t be quite as exhaustive, but a black leather jacket is a classic piece you need in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong wearing this jacket with jeans and a white tee. And for a more upscaled look I also love wearing mine over a layered dress. I like wearing the outfit with my Bia Crossbody Set in Python. A force to be reckoned with, the Bia combines premium leather over the shoulder, with robust chain links. Strength and beauty come together in this versatile strap that can easily be your companion on a day on the go, and on a night out. 

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