The Modern Day Gladiator: Who is she?

The Modern Day Gladiator: Who is she?

Are you fierce? Are you ready for battle? If you’re reading this on the couch using your tummy to prop up a box of doughnuts you might not think so. But we believe that inside every woman is a sense of fierce femininity just waiting to be unleashed. All you need is the right support. A bevy of beautiful women at your side to give you the support you need and to be the best version of yourself. 

Enter the Armadura Goddesses. Every style in our collection is named after an ancient goddess. The core strap of our collection is aptly named after Hestia, goddess of the hearth. She’s versatile and comes in a full array of colours. Aphrodite the goddess of beauty was the inspiration behind our glistening snake-chain strap. Our favourite for a night out she’ll add a touch of glamour to your look, the ultimate confidence-boost. Whether you’ve got Bia, the goddess of power by your side or Minerva the goddess of wisdom, you’ll have all the assistance you need to take on the day. Hands-free and ready for anything the day is going to throw at you.

We’d love you to build your Armadura. Have a iPhone cover or two at the core of your collectionTo give you inspiration Going bold may be scary, but if you’re all about making a statement, the Pops of Colour collection is for you. Like a treasure trove of gems the collection offers rich,vibrant tones. Create a striking look by pairing your phone case with a matching strap. Or why not mix colours for the ultimate punchy feast for the eyes. The Neutral Palette collection put together for the Modern Day Gladiator who favours subtlety. The bare versatility of these Creme, Taupe and Python iPhone covers and straps in neutral tones make them easy additions to any outfit. 

One thing your favourite LBD, a timeless biker jacket, a gleaming grand piano have in common? They’re all classic black, just like the All Black Everything collection. Simply snap on a new strap and take your outfit from glitzy occasion-wear to bold work-wear glamour. Shop this monochromatic collection for a look that will never go out of style.

So who is the Modern Day Gladiator? She’s you, a woman on the go. You’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way, clad with an armor of strong leather and powerful chain links. Go on, get your Armadura.